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Agricultural Foundation

Ag faculty - December 1957


In 1938, Fresno State College students began participating in agricultural projects on 120 acres of land rented by a couple of faculty on a parcel at Millbrook and Shields.

In 1947, the state acquired 454 acres from the Federal Government at Hammer Field (Fresno Air Terminal) and the Fresno State Farm was launched (it moved to its present location in 1954). 

That same year, the first dean of Agriculture was hired (Eugene Egan at $7200 per year) as was a farm manager (George Ilg) and a number of agriculture faculty including Clarence Jensen (Ag Mechanics), Robert Selkirk (Dairy Husbandry), Robert Glim (Farm accounting, farm management, and animal husbandry), Edmund Ragle (Ag mechanics), E.J. Rousek (Animal Husbandry), Vincent Petrucchi (Viticulture), J.T. Bell (Animal Husbandry, Fred Roullard (Agriculture Inspection), and Lloyd Dowler (Poultry Husbandry).  

They joined a faculty that included O.Martin Braun (Plant Science), John Masten (Biology and Plant Science), Winston Strong (Animal Husbandry).